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Collection: Fabric Types

Here you will select the type of fabrics for each piece. Please specify in the notes at checkout which fabric type fits with which style. If you don't care or would rather I pick them just pick, "Designer Choice", and I'll take care of it, you'll be invoiced for the upcharges if needed.

🛑The reason there are upcharges for choosing a certain fabric type is the price of the custom fabrics increases exponentially. Cotton fiber fabrics are 2x's more expensive than the polyester. ⚠️If you choose to get a print from LBK Printing Co. and you want DBP there will be a $4 upcharge. They are priced higher than the shop i usually buy dbp from. Prices are subject to change in the future if fabric prices were to increase. But there will be notice made when that happens so you are aware!

*I cannot combine fabric types, 1 fabric type per piece.

❓️Below are styles I like to make with each fabric and a little description about each one....

●Cotton Lycra: Bubble Romper, Double Decker Peplum, Hi/Lo peplums, Monarch Bubbles, Regular Peplums, Sweater Rompers, or anything you'd like to have more structure and to puff out. 

●DBP(Double Brushed Polyester): Leotards, leo tops, Twirl Dresses, Skirt leos, leggings, bummies, Alleycat Rompers, or anything you don't mind having it be more drapey and this is great for tight fitting styles because it's super stretchy. This fabric has no structure.

●Bamboo: Pj's, knotted gowns, anything you prefer to have drape and breathable. This fabric has no structure.

●Liverpool(not bullet): This fabric has a slight texture and great structure but not a ton of stretch in all directions. It's great for dresses, peplums, and bubble rompers. 

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